• Feathers of the Mighty

    Feathers of the Mighty

    A well toned and beautiful southern woman, the only hint that she is something more is the age behind her eyes, and the brown feathers that trail down her back.
  • Kalonice Stormwind

    Kalonice Stormwind

    Kalonice is a Tya, and as such she is adorned with the jagged scarlike tattoos of all Tya. Hers cover her forehead, cheeks, arms, and her entire back.
  • Moray Darktide

    Moray Darktide

    Tall, Regal, charismatic, and deadly are the best ways to Describe Moray. He is a servant of the Silver Prince, well known for both his ruthless piracy and his hatred for the Lintha
  • Salty Dog

    Salty Dog

    Salty Dog is a true man of the seas, rugged, covered in dried on sea salt, and as coarse as a sailor on any vessel.
  • Sayn


    Sayn is a man of South Western decent. He has dark brown hair that grays in spots, but his strength is obvious. He is a Smith, made obvious by his impressinvly large arms and the smithing hammer he carries with him at all times.
  • Sightless Echo of Understanding

    Sightless Echo of Understanding

    A slender woman, Echo's eyes have been blinded from birth, but she does not let that stop her, and seems to see without sight.
  • Ten Stripes

    Ten Stripes

    A female Lunar with a Tiger for her spirit Animal. She always has ten stripes on her hair or fur in each form.
  • Tepet Ejava

    Tepet Ejava

    A young dynast in the grand scheme of things, Ejava has none the less become a common name in nearly every Realm household and Satrapy.
  • The Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea

    The Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea

    An older looking man, he wears armor of black that is obviously Soulsteel. He wears a helm shaped like a wolf, and wields a soulsteel daiklave.