Feathers of the Mighty

A well toned and beautiful southern woman, the only hint that she is something more is the age behind her eyes, and the brown feathers that trail down her back.


Feathers of the Mighty appears to be a Southern Woman, though she was born in the Southeast. Her spirit form is a Large Kestrel, rivaling the size of the War-hawks of the East. She is several hundred years old, being exalted sometime shortly after the Contagion and the Attack from the Wyld. She strives for a successful attempt of the Thousand Streams River experiment, and has focused on the West, as no other has been able to do that. While she does not speak of her previous attempts, it has been spoken that she attempted to work with Leviathan at one point, and was a mentor to Ten Stripes before she went to the West. As both, assuming they are true, have failed to bring forth any results, she is trying a new attempt using yet another approach.

A beauty beyond compare in her mortal life, Feathers has embraced this feature, and has excelled to the Maximum in this area. As a result, she is quite possibly one of the most beautiful women in all of Creation (Appearance 7). It is well known that she uses her beauty to it’s fullest advantage, though most who garner her attention don’t seem to mind.

She has recently gathered a small group of younger Lunars, hand selected to perform some as yet unknown task for her in the West, and it is rumored they will have help from other allies of hers.


Feathers of the Mighty

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