Kalonice Stormwind

Kalonice is a Tya, and as such she is adorned with the jagged scarlike tattoos of all Tya. Hers cover her forehead, cheeks, arms, and her entire back.


Kalonice appears to be like any woman of the Wavecrest Archipelago, with sun bronzed skin and dark hair, of a mixed black and purple shades. As a Tya however, she has abandoned the normal dress of her people, and wears the clothes of men. During the warmer months, this is a pair of loose fitting pants and a linen shirt, cinched around the waist to make fighting with her saber easier. In colder months, or when she expects battle, she adds to this a sturdy captains jacket.

She presently leads a crew of about 20 other Tya women, aboard her ship, The Stormwind.


Kalonice Stormwind

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