Moray Darktide

Tall, Regal, charismatic, and deadly are the best ways to Describe Moray. He is a servant of the Silver Prince, well known for both his ruthless piracy and his hatred for the Lintha


Moray is the square-jawed, strong-bodied captain of a Skullstone Pirate vessel with long, windblown hair, eye-patch and skull epaulets on his naval greatcoat. Though the fact that he is a Dawn Caste Solar is not uncommon knowledge, it seems to be second in importance to the fact that even those who fear him as a pirate have been known to cheer him on in his pursuit against the Lintha and their allies. It would seem, even with a Deathlord as a Master, he can not help but raise himself to the station of a hero.

Unlike many of the pirates of the Western sea, Moray is known to keep his promises and always respect a request for Parlay. He is well known in both the Underworld and Creation.


Moray Darktide

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