The Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea

An older looking man, he wears armor of black that is obviously Soulsteel. He wears a helm shaped like a wolf, and wields a soulsteel daiklave.


Wolf’s ship has a wicked slash through it’s original name, Blackwave Stalker, and instead seems to have been renamed Hope Undrowned. He seems to have also removed the red paint that adorns the hair of the maiden on his prow, a sign of great disrespect to the Storm Mothers.

The Silver prince has announced that Wolf is Skullstone’s “Ambassador of Good Will” to the West, as well as a champion of righteous ancestor ghosts. This has made many very wary of him, as they believe him to be a spy. Some rumors have begun to arise though of good deeds he’s done, though equally horrific events seem to follow in his wake.


See Scroll of Exalts p.117 for his stats.

The Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea

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