Caste: No Moon Motivation: Discovering and/or Creating artifacts and mense to aid in forming stand alone societies Spirit Shape: great horned owl Tell: Large feathery eyebrows that stretch up into his hair, and thick yellow irises.

Attributes: (Please list which attribute is your favored attribute as well. Caste attributes I can figure out) Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 2 Charisma 3, Manipulation 1, Appearance 3 *Perception 4, *Intelligence 5, *Wits 2

Abilities: (If you have specialties, list them after the base rating of the skill) Archery:0 Athletics:0 Awareness:0 Dodge:0 Integrity:0 Martial Arts:4 Melee:0 Resistance:0 Thrown:0 War:0

Craft: Air 5 Craft: Fire 5 *Craft: Water 4 *Craft: Wood (2) (will spend 4 xp on as soon as available) Larceny:0 Linguistics:0 Performance:0 Presence:0 Ride:0 Sail:2 Socialize:0 Stealth:0 *Survival:2

Bureaucracy:0 Investigation:1 *Lore:4 *Occult:5 *Medicine:3

VirtuesPlease list which one the great curse is based off of, and which curse you have) Valor:2 Conviction:3 (Heartless weasel) Temperance:1 Compassion:3


Backgrounds: (Please describe in detail if necessary. For instance, if you have Hearts Blood, tell me what all forms you have) Artifact: 2 (Moonsilver Lamellar) Artifact: 1 (Moonsilver Dire Chain) Backing: 3 Followers: 2 Heart’s Blood: 1 (2 other human forms and River Spider) Mentor: 1 (the freebie) Resources: 5 Tattoo Artifact: 2 (Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers)

Essence:3 Personal:15 Peripheral:36 Committed Essence:7


Prey’s Skin Disguise

Charms (please separate by attribute)

First Int- Essence overwhelming *Flesh Sculpting Art *Form-Fixing Method *Counting the Elephant’s Wrinkles

First Dex- Essence overwhelming Clay Wetting Practice

First Perception- Essence overwhelming *Flaw Finding Examination

Bonus Point Breakdown: (Where you spent your BP) Essence 10 Backgrounds 11 (technically 12, but Mentor was a freebie) Ability 14


To be written once I know history of our mentor and why what words were said that lead us on our journey. I have a jist, but not enough to write a story on.


Path of the White Navigator, Finding the Silver-Horned Watcher kinitsu